3-day detox smoothie

$79.50 Incl sales tax

The three-day smoothie detox is an easy, and simple way to jump-start weight loss. This system includes nine 16 oz smoothies which are loaded with plant-based fiber, nuts, berries, and seeds.

The order of the smoothies is..

Breakfast=Tropical Almond: this smoothie has a creamy texture tossed with leafy kale, roasted almonds, berries, nutritious roots, seasonal fruits mixed with seeds, and refreshing coconut water.

Lunch=Green Harvest: is paired with alkaline greens, roasted macadamia nut milk, local apples, and vanilla.

Dinner=24 Carrot: is a zesty mix made up of plump oranges, yellow tropical fruits, root vegetables, and seasonal squash.

Note: instructions are included in addition to three herbal teas.




Includes 9 16 oz.

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