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We strive to buy local produce to create raw electric alkaline juices that are not pasteurized, preserved, and free of GMOs. Our juices are handcrafted in small batches to ensure high quality and fresh taste.


Wellness in a Bottle

Juisibox is a juice company that offers cold-pressed juices, detoxes, and other wellness drinks to health conscious people throughout communities. We've been offering cold pressed juices for over 2 years and we continue to strive on educating our consumers on the importance of consuming alkaline plant based foods.

Fresh, Raw, Vegan and 100% Natural

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Why Choose Juisibox

Juisibox serves 100% natural, and slow-pressed juice derived from natural fruits and  vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are extracted into high quality juice that include mouth watering and sea island  aromas such as cinnamon, ginger, lemon grass, turmeric, and wheat grass.


Why Drink Alkaline Cold Pressed Juice?

  •  Easy way to consume vitamins and minerals
  • NO Frozen Ingredients
  •  Supports overall health
  • Stregthens the immune system
  •  Improves gut health
  • Alternatively healthier than sodas, sweet teas, and speciality coffees.
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